Landscape Development.
Development of farm Houses and its Maintenance.
Maintenance of Institutions/factory/garden etc.
Development of Nursery -Green Houses, Poly Houses & Conservatory.
Supply and plantation of carpet Grass and ready made coco lawn.
Providing indoors & outdoors plants.
Propogation and supply of exotic and rare plants.
Tools and equipment.
Development of herbal garden including medicinal herb.
Horticulture Cousultancy service for all kinds of projects including Orchards and vegetable farms.
Instant garden.
Imagination... creativity....... scientific approach & experience are the mantras in our landscape designing.we use the different landscape features like fences and gates, paths and steps, ponds, waterfalls, bridges, arches, pergolas etc., to merge your home,your office, your locality & your environment with nature.Our lanscape projects ranges from designing small home garden to large public gardens. While designing your garden its what you have, what you need and what you like.
Creating a beautiful garden is an art, maintaining its beauty is a service. S.K. Garden Traders is well equipped with man power, tools & equipments and horticultural inputs to take up maintenance work at public and private firms.